Saturday, March 27, 2010

How To's? - The iPhone 3GS!

This is My 2nd Post in the How To's Series, in which we will see how we can share the Home / Office Network with iPhone?

2-> How to Connect to Internet using Home/Office Network on iPhone?

Now since I switched to iPhone, I was forced by Vodafone to move to the iPhone plan, the basic one starts at 200 bucks with only 100 MB of free download :( Now the best part about iPhone is that it connects to a know Wifi Network the moment it is within its range. So I thought about why not have it work on WiFi whenever possible! Like at home & at work? At home I have a WiFI router so the issue was resolved, but at work I did not have access to the WiFi security key :( but I had a WiFi enabled Laptop!! That’s it.. Networking Chapter 101 :D . ICS “Internet Connection Sharing” You may find many articles on net regarding the Tethering on iPhone & how to use it (Via a Hack) which basically allows you to use the iPhone as the Modem & allows you to connect it to your PC/Laptop. But you will hardly find a reverse. This is how its is done, Using ICS!!!

Just enable your Local Lan (Wired) for ICS, once this is done create an Ad-Hoc Network between your iPhone & Laptop/PC (Provided your PC has 2 LAN cards out of which one is Wifi). Once this is done, just search for WiFi Network on your iPhone & will prompt you to connect tou your newly created Ad-Hoc WiFi Network. Join in & Voila.. you can surf the net using your Home/Office Network ;)

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