Monday, May 20, 2013

How to get SIRI working in unsupported countries?

"Sorry,I cant look for places in India" 

So are you tired of this standard answer from SIRI, EVERY TIME you ask her something?
Why just India, any country for that matter which isn't officially supported by Apple.

If you are, then don't worry, here is simple trick that can get SIRI working for you, even if you are in one of the UNSUPPORTED countries.

Prerequisites : Apple Device with Siri :P
Jailbroken : Works without Jailbreak (but if Jailbroken its a plus point)
iOS : 6.x.x (Tried on iOS 5.1.1 , doesn't work)

OK, so now that we are good to go, here's what you need to do.
Activate Siri & ask her anything using this string phrase, "How far is the nearest....."
replace the ..... with any place you wish. So it can be a restaurant, a bus stop, a train station.. anything!
But it the place needs to follow after the string "How far is the nearest.."

Jailbroken users can also install tweaks like AssistantLove & set the default Maps as Google Maps (provided you have Google Maps installed on iOS 6).


Lakshmi said...

Useful tip! Works great!!

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