Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 1 with Xiaomi REDMi 1s

OK.. So I took the Android Challenge & bought the phone everyone is talking about, Xiaomi REDMi 1S. Being an iPhone user for last 5 years the switch might be an issue… or not?  Thats the whole  point of this experiment.

So after ordering the phone on flash sale Tuesday, I finally got the delivery today.

My first impression after looking at the packing , WHY DOES THIS LOOK LIKE iPhone BOX!

But hey thats a given, after all even Samsung does that, so I am going  to be nice to the new guy here. :)

The rest of the box content is also packed the SAME way like Apple! (anyone surprised!?) 

The Phone build is OK (duno why there is so much HYPE!), lets just say better than any 20k+ Samsung phone  but inferior to a Moto series phone (that includes Moto E as well)

As of now I have kept the phone on charge, because I have read couple of forums & people have had bad experience when they directly powered on their new Xiaomi phone. Some were even asked to do a factory reset! Huh! isn't this a new phone ? Anyways, its just for 6k so I am not going to let all these SMALL issues get in the way.

I'll be updating this page as the day progresses.

-- KG


The phone is now charged & booted, the initial setup interface is again… same like iOS (but we  already decided we wont be holding that against the new guy) Moving on. 

Surprisingly Xiaomi hasn't heard about “OPT IN” options when it comes to privacy i guess. 

My contact in Indraprasth has hooked me up with a nice decent cover at a “Diwali discount price”.

There seems to be a new update ready, downloading  it. 


Its getting impossible to use this phone, LAGS at every other thing! Cant even open folders without the LAAAAGGG, & its not that I have opened like 100 Applications, I only have play store open (Installing WhatsApp). If people who were praising this phone for being awesome, then I feel sorry for them. They really don't know what a LAGLESS phone feels like!

Anyways, not giving up yet.. the challenge continues...


The Phone is a pain, my friends who are existing users of this phone are saying I am crazy, but this one does LAG, there is a noticeable difference in the response time, be it opening a keyboard to type in WhatsApp or opening folders.


Music : (bow) Audio quality of my Apple headphones has gone INSANE!
Loved the equaliser, the headphone performed much better than they do on my i5c. Finally something that I found good in this phone. :) 


Cant see notification on the lock screen!! Are you kidding me? Its 2014!! Apart from big screen hasn't Android done anything that can be useful?? The Mi account creation is another pain, why cant things just be simple!! Been 15 mins & still awaiting the activation link email. Its 30 past 00:00 I'll call it a day. Will see tomorrow how it goes when I get this out for work & this has to be in sync with my Pebble.


Day 2 with Xiaomi REDMi 1s


sa_antony said...

Lage raho bhai!! Waiting for more... Any news on motog2

Kartik Gaje said...

Not yet.. the Mrs. uses Moto G (1st Gen) & trust me its by far the best Android phone I have ever held in my hand. ( Nexus is expensive compared to it so won't comment on that)

Rav M said...

You should try MI3 you won't find this experience and far much better.